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Consistently one of the best performing cafes and restaurants in Hervey Bay by Hervey Bay Resturants. Located in Toogoom, Hervey Bay the Salty Squid, a specialist seafood restaurant has several awards from Tripadvisor.

Hervey Bay Resturants has previously regarded the Salty Squid as one of the top performing cafe restaurants in Hervey Bay. More recently, for reasons known only to Tripadvisor, Hervey Bay Resturants, they have decided to re categorize the Salty Squid into Tripadvisor Toogoom only, rather than under Tripadvisor Hervey Bay and Hervey Bay Restaurants.

Whilst the Salty Squid is now a fully fledged gourmet fish restaurant in Toogoom, (Hervey Bay) and the best restaurant in Toogoom, its still easily the best Restaurant in Hervey Bay.

Sadly, Tripadvisor  for Restaurants in Hervey Bay fails to understand that Toogoom is a suburb of Hervey Bay and therefore has severely disadvantaged the best fish restaurant on the entire Fraser Coast. Continually winning awards for excellence, Tripadvisor, Hervey Bay Restaurants places the Salty Squid in a category of two restaurants? Yes, only two restaurants!

Hervey Bay Restaurants on the Fraser Coast

Take a look at our reviews on Tripadvisor. So, where is Toogoom? Toogoom is only a 15 minute drive from Main Street in Pialba. Pilaba is considered to be the Hervey Bay CBD.  So, the best Hervey Bay fish restaurant is only a short drive from the CBD. If you wish to dine in a delightful alfresco ambiance, just metres from the waters edge at the Beelbi Creek, then make the short trip to the Salty Squid. Nothing compares to the fresh sea breeze whipping through the mangroves as you sample the fine cuisine provided by master chef Ian Lind.

Take a look at our gallery to understand the beauty of Toogoom & Hervey Bay. Forget the poor quality fast food of Scarness, Torquay and Urangan and treat yourself to a beautiful fish meal at the Salty Squid Fish Restaurant. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the reasonable cost of a superior meal! Take a look at our gourmet lunch menu for an idea of the beautiful meals.

Cuisine at the Salty Squid, the Best of the Hervey Bay Resturants

Information from Tripadvisor Hervey Bay

tripadvisor hervey bay recommends whale whatching tours.

tripadvisor hervey bay recommends whale whatching tours.

Hervey Bay is the whale watching capital of Australia (and some say the World), with humpback whales migrating along the coast past the great sandy straits, between April and November each year. Researchers at the Oceania Project conducted a 14-year study which found the bay was an important social hub for humpback whales. Hervey Bay is the resting place for humpback whales. They come to the bay to rest and build up energy for their travel back to Antarctica.

The adults come to play, socialise and there have been heat runs observed in the Bay. The humpback whales are known to be very relaxed in the company of the whale watching vessels.

Take a break and watch the whales on one of the many whale watching tours. After your tour, make your way to the Salty Squid for an exceptional dining experience.

Dining Experience at Tripadvisor Hervey Bay

Ian Lind, master chef uses ingredients which are sourced locally and are always fresh. He is passionate about local produce and does not use any imported product. Ian believes in supporting local industry as much as possible and reducing their carbon footprint. Sustainability is extremely important to the Salty Squid. The ‘Salty Squid’ does not use any preservatives or additives in their food & everything is made on the premises including the sourdough bread.

Always  open to suggestions, feedback and constructive criticism, Ian Lind is continually looking for new and innovative ways to enhance your experience of Salty Squid. Your feed back on Tripadvisor Hervey Bay or via facebook is extremely important to us!

Also, check out our instagram feed at the bottom of page. We are continually adding pictures of our cuisine and all things Toogoom, Salty Squid, Hervey Bay and content for our Tripadvisor Hervey Bay for all our customers.

Our Location Within Hervey Bay Resturants

We are located just opposite the boat ramp on Moreton Street in Toogoom (a 15 minute drive from the CBD in Pialba). We have a great alfresco seating area which has recently been renovated and improved. We have also renovated the interior of the restaurant to provide more tables. We made the transition from Cafe to Restaurant several months ago. The demand for our cuisine was such that we had to expand. We are also licensed now and provide some exceptional wines. For a detailed look at our wine list, click over to our drinks menu here.

Toogoom is part of the Hervey Bay catchment area. Hervey Bay’s main beach-side suburbs are Torquay, Scarness & Urangan. Most people think of this area as being Hervey Bay, but of course Hervey Bay takes in a large area including Dundowran Beach, Craignish & Toogoom. All of Hervey Bay is beautiful, but if you want the best views and the prettiest location, you need to be in Toogoom at the Salty Squid with a glass of wine in your hand and the finest fish cuisine on the Fraser Coast. Amazing ambience!

Our location can be seen below.

Just some views around Toogoom and Hervey Bay Resturants

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