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Our New Website

Welcome to our new website. We struggled for almost a year with a website from a major corporate provider which never really worked for us. Updates never appeared and it never accurately reflected the quality of our brand, service and food. Luckily we bumped into a web applications developer from Electriclatte Pty Ltd who lives in the local area. In a very short period of time we went from zero to hero with our website.

Although Electriclatte develop applications and systems integration projects in ASP.NET for large companies, they also implement websites for smaller companies and local businesses at amazing rates. Despite the fact they are running and developing, for, a major project in Dubai (Palazzo Versace Community Portals) they still found time to implement a great website for us.

They have developers based in Europe, Melbourne and here, here in Toogoom. If you are a local business and want a developer with integrity and real qualifications then go to Electriclatte Web Solutions . We cannot recommend them highly enough.